Social media and it's "realness" is making me feel sick!! The worst 5 words I've ever heard of....Yummy mummy, bikini body and being skinny is killing me everytime I see it!! All woman are beautiful, we all have different approaches to health. We all inspire others with what we do in everyday life.
Social media has got to be accountable for, creating unrealistic expectations on how we should be eating, what we should look like & how happy we should be 24/7.
If and when you do have a baby, it's a miracle, a joy & an honour!!! Be in awe of how miraculous you are for growing another human. And wear a bikini after having a baby, rock the bod and rock it well!
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Last week watching Dad play rugby 🏉 I'm not sure if the boys went for the snacks, the footy or the music! 🕺🏼
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Through life's up and downs, I've still maintained a smile 😁 One year ago today this photo was taken after 4 lonnnnggg weeks and big 12 hour days in NICU with Jonty doing skin to skin, expressing, sitting in 40 degree heat (to keep the teeny tiny babies warm) and a lot of tears. I hated leaving him in hospital every night when I went home. If this is you right now keep a smile on the dial, it seems like a lifetime, the days are long, be kind to yourself and try find balance (and when you do let me know, I was never good at it!) Keep being awesome mums and dads whether your babies are in your arms, your hearts, the clouds or your dreams 💕
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YOUR ONLY LIMIT IS YOU ✌️I’m a big believer in the power of the mind!
Positive affirmations attract positive and like minded people 🤗
They say that....
‘Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny’
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The All Mighty 3pm Protein Slice!

As the afternoon slump hits most of us, we need a healthy "pick me up". This will satisfy those 3pm cravings!

4-5 x cups rolled oats
1 x cup peanut butter
1 x cup coconut cream
4 x T honey
1 x T goji berries
1 x T chia seeds

🔹grease & line a slice tin
🔹mix together wet ingredients into food processor
🔹add 4 x cups rolled oats to food processor pulse few times
🔹add rest of ingredients & pulse few times until everything is combined (if mixture feels too sticky add more oats)
🔹 press down into slice tin, add toppings like goji berries & chia seeds
🔹freeze 4-6 hours
🔹cut into slices & store as snack in freezer
Makes 12 servings
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The Romano boys watching Dad do his thing 🏈⚫️🔴⚔️

Matching kit....yes I'm that mum! 🙈😂 my wee mate is growing up soo fast 😥 This time last year he was still in NICU, and now look at him 🌟 Reach for the stars cobber ❤️ ...

Pull ups you win.....for now! 💪🏼
First pull ups since having 3 babies. It wasn’t pretty. It was painful, horrible and completely amazing all at once! ✌🏼🏋️‍♀️ Bring on NEVER MISS A MONDAY!
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Be YOU, do YOU.....for YOU ✌🏼 There is the saying that comparison is the thief of all joy! There is no question that we spend hours measuring our own life against what others have. Instead use that time to better yourself, spend time with family and be your BEST self!
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Clean Chocolate Rough Slice ⭐️ 1 x cup dates
1/2 x cup @harrawaysnz rolled oats
1/2 x cup shredded coconut
1/2 x cup ground almonds
1/4 x cup cacao powder
1/2 x cup coconut cream ▪️ soak dates in boiling water for minimum of 30mins - can be done overnight as well
▪️grease & line a slice tin
▪️ drain dates & add food processor with all other ingredients & pulse few times until blended together
▪️press mixture into slice tin & put into freezer while you make topping..... For topping either sprinkle with shredded coconut or melt 1/2 x block @whittakersnz dark cacao chocolate with
1 x tablespoon coconut oil & spread over slice mixture.
Set in freezer & cut into slices ▪️either store cut pieces in freezer for a month or in fridge for a week
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Happy Global Wellness Day! 💪🏼⭐️ How can you become the healthiest, fittest and strongest version of yourself?! #hanromano #personaltrainer #fit #healthy #strong ...

No gym? NO WORRIES! I've got you covered, woman, men, grand parents, uni students let's go!! Whether your at home while your kids sleep, in your lunch break or getting up early 💪🏼 my online programme offers 6 workouts each week which you can do anywhere and anytime at your convenience 👍🏽 Remember you don't have to be fit to start, you just have to start to be fit 🎉💪🏼 #hanromano #healthy #personaltrainer #fit #strength ...

Woke up with zero motivation, had a shocking sleep so hardly any energy, and exercise wasn’t what the body wanted to do! However I know I’m a waaaaaay better human when I exercise!
It wasn’t my best effort, but hey I managed 30 minutes and that’s what it’s all about 🙌🏼 #hanromano #healthy #strength #fit #personaltrainer

Bring on level 1! More good times with even better company 🎉💃🏼❤️
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Anyone can exercise 🤷🏼‍♀️ Some give up, it’s the easiest way out right? Hold yourself accountable, get a routine, dont over think it, slam your lycra on and move your body because tomorrow....NEVER MISS A MONDAY!
Be strong, be fierce, be beautiful, BE YOU! 🙏
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A crisp Saturday afternoon motorbike ride at the ranch is just what we all needed. ❄️ Feeling so very chuffed with the Romano boys in my life. 🎉❤️👍🏽 ...