I have completed Han Romano’s 10 week challenge twice and it is EPIC!
What I love about the challenge is the fact it is achievable! Before the challenge I was struggling to find time for myself being a mum to a busy toddler and a 5month old I was struggling to find the motivation to do more then walk and a couple of gym sessions a week (if that). I really needed a challenge and guidance and that was exactly what Han Romano gave me!

I could go at my own pace, complete each workout when I wanted (or when the baby slept) and where I wanted. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and I loved it and it didn’t take more then 20 minutes.

The online community was great, we could support each other and I used it as a motivator. I achieved great results both mentally and physically. I’ve lost 24.5cm and gained a lot of strength, stamina, agility, healthy habits and confidence after having a baby but also helped prepare me for netball. The best thing about this challenge for me was that it was achievable and I feel fantastic, I couldn’t recommend it enough!