Before Han Romano’s fitness challenge the most exercise I had done in over 10 years or more was going for a fast walk (if that!) and now I’m on my third programme with Coach Han Romano.

On Facebook I saw Han Romano’s page and a cousin had done the exercise programme so after chatting with her I decided to give it a go. I work full time and have a child so fitting exercise in has always been a challenge. I love Han Romano’s programmes so much variety and most of the exercises are completed within 30 minutes which is very manageable within my family life.

It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are at as you are working to your own capabilities, and being part of a group makes you accountable and encourages you to keep going. Coach Han is very supportive and had a great way of delivering the exercises so it’s easy to understand. I love the video updates and she keeps it real.
I feel fitter and stronger, the more I exercise the more I feel I am able to do.
My body shape has changed going down a couple of dress sizes, I look forward to exercising now, and my attitude towards exercising has changed for the better.
I highly recommend the programme it has been life changing for me!!