Best thing about being a Coach?
I love coaching athletes to achieve their health and fitness goals which they never thought were within their reach. I love seeing clients with the two H’s – Healthy and Happy!


Han Romano’s programs will kick your butt into shape in NO time!

I have tried gym programs, Grit workouts, yoga, pilates and cardio and have never seen results like it!

There is method to Han Romano’s madness, always entertaining, educational and challenging.

You’re only competing against yourself and the workouts are so efficient! I travel regularly for work and we can fit these workouts into any hotel room.


I am loving Han Romano’s online fitness workouts, they are EPIC! What I love about the challenge is the fact it is achievable! Before the challenge I was struggling to find time for myself being a mum to a busy toddler and a 5month old I was struggling to find the motivation to do more then walk and a couple of gym sessions a week (if that). I really needed a challenge and guidance and that was exactly what Han Romano gave me!


Having been in and around sport my whole life (40) I’ve always had a pretty decent grasp of what you need to do to be healthy and happy. That said it doesn’t mean I would do it…I signed up to Han’s online fitness workouts looking for some motivation…well I got that and A LOT more!!


I’ve loved the challenge as it’s given me the confidence to get back into fitness after two back surgeries!! I love the feeling I get after doing a workout; and seeing my progress throughout the ten weeks makes it all worthwhile.

I have a healthier lifestyle; my sleep has improved remarkably, more energy and can concentrate a lot more at work too.

The fact that the workouts are only short, with a maximum of 20 minutes, works in really well for our family too. I have lost a number of centimetres and gain a lot of strength.


Before Han Romano’s fitness challenge the most exercise I had done in over 10 years or more was going for a fast walk (if that!) and now I’m almost a year into my training with Coach Han Romano.

On Facebook I saw Han Romano’s page and a cousin had done the exercise programme so after chatting with her I decided to give it a go. I work full time and have a child so fitting exercise in has always been a challenge. I love Han Romano’s programmes so much variety and most of the exercises are completed within 30 minutes which is very manageable within my family life.


Han’s online programs have had a positive impact on our lives and suit our busy lifestyles including our teaching careers, tertiary study, sporting commitments and 4 energetic children under 8.

Han’s in depth knowledge in fitness programs, nutrition, exercise physiology, etc are equally matched by her ability to deliver it in such a way that she can cater for the beginner as well as the more elite/experienced athlete.


I absolutely love Han’s online fitness challenges. I’m a busy mum of 3 girls under 4 and work part time, so life is hectic. I have always struggled with my weight and been conscious of it, particularly after having my 3 children! My life wasn’t healthy and something needed to change! I was 98kg when I started my first week of online fitness workouts and now I’m 65kg